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NYOS Exceptional glide with exceptional comfort.

Price: £3200.00

Product Details

The NYOS is for EN-B pilots. It is a performance-oriented wing, which perfects the new feeling in flight: comfort, stability and manageability, combined with lively handling and superior climbing in thermals.
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A new level of sail cut definition. 
3D-shaping in the top surface for targeted tension control is now standard practice in paraglider design. In the new NYOS Swing employs 3D-shaping in the bottom surface too, to achieve the best possible profile. Also, in the NYOS the profile at the trailing edge is controlled by a combination of 3D-shaping and mini ribs. Up to now the last 20% of chord  has been flattened using mini ribs only for increasing glide performance. Swing's advances with triple 3D-shaping in the NYOS gives a noticeable gain of stability and performance and an aerodynamically perfect trailing edge. Also, for the first time, the mini ribs at the trailing edge of the NYOS have been closed inside the canopy, so there are no longer any external mini-rib seams which could get caught on the ground and be pulled out during launch. 

B preloading: profile re-shaping for greater stability.
The speed bar attached at the B-level preloads it when activated and after that the A-level follows. This creates a profile which is particularly stable and better suited for flying at speed, especially when partially accelerated. The effect is comparable with that of a shark-nose profile, but without the uneven edge on the bottom surface which reduces performance.
For perfect pitch control and greater performance.
Performance-oriented flying means flying fast. This is especially the case in competitions. The need to fly as fast as possible in competition has given rise to a special flying technique of using the rearmost main lines (B- or C-level), instead of the brakes, to stabilize the canopy while using the speed bar. NEXUS as well as NYOS feature A NEW DEVELOPMENT of this special type for steering: the C-BRIDGE. It connects the tops of the split C-risers with a soft bar and allows the pilot to react to imminent problems by briefly pulling down both C-risers. But the C-BRIDGE can do much more. By carefully activating the C-BRIDGE outer side,  allows steering without compromising glide. C-BRIDGE  can also enhance performance in week conditions.
Other general construction features
  • High quality lightweight construction through careful choice of materials and manufacturing
  • Low-stretch unsheathed and sheathed Technora lines in a mix for the RACE line set of NYOS for minimum line drag
  • The unsheathed lines have a short protecting covering at the lines shackles
  • Reinforced edges of the V-tapes and load-bearing tapes.
  • The ends of the nylon rods in the nose are also reinforced and nevertheless easily replaceable.
  • The risers are equipped with high-quality HARKEN rolls for an easy and smoothly operating speed bar.
  • The gathering system at the brake lines is made by high-grade steel rings and guarantees precise handling.
  • Material with a stronger coating is used for the areas where aging as a result UV exposure is particularly relevant (top surface, leading edge).
all these things make the NYOS extemely durable and at the same time surprisingly light-weight.
See the Swing NYOS web page for full technical specifications and colour choices etc. 

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