Snowdon Gliders
Snowdon Gliders
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GRP1 emphasises practicality. Simple to repack, durable and of proven design.

Price: £400.00

Product Details

GRP1 is a hand-thrown emergency parachute. The design, materials and technologies used in the GRP1 make the product very reliable.  The cloth is coated with a material that prevents sticking to facilitate smooth and rapid deployment. The cloth is also engineered to minimise shape distortion. These features, as well as the canopy shaping and the low permeability of the cloth result in a low sink rate. Each parachute comes with a particularly clear manual with easy-follow repack instructions. GPR1 is available in  3 sizes GPR1 90, GPR1 110 and GPR1 135, with max. take off weights 90, 110 and 135kg. sink rate at max. payload weight is 5.5 m/s. Price includes stainless steel connector and 'o' rings.

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