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Gradient Aspen 6
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Gradient Aspen 6

Aspen6. A new direction to satisfy the demands of ambitious XC pilots but without sacrificing handling and security.

Price: £3400.00

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Aspen 6. 


The new shape of the wing has been designed and optimised around Gradient's signature VO system. The VO System ensures perfect pressure within the canopy over the whole range of pitch angles and usable speeds and maximises the smooth and aerodynamically clean shape of the canopy.  The VO system decreases  aerodynamic drag of the leading edge compared to other, stepped cell openings.


The suspension system is created with the highest quality lines that are available. The main non-covered lines are Edelrid Magic Pro and the upper level lines consist of the non-covered Liros DC. The lines are protected by a special anti-UV coating. The combination of Aramid and Dyneema line materials ensures a high strength and durability of the suspension system.


For the long lifespan and endurance of the aerodynamic profile, an exclusive material, Skytex Everlast, with double coating has been used. This material was developed by Gradient together with Porcher Sport. The evidence of gliders' long lifetime when using this material can be seen on commercially used gliders (e.g. tandem and school paragliders) which are, even after years of intensive use, in great shape.


Ronstan ball bearing pulleys for the speed system, thin straps of the risers, top-class materials, the guarantee of  lifetime and manufacturing quality, the best service and  a 100 % European product These are all standard assets of Gradient products.


Gradient has two of the finest pilots on their development team, Theo de Blic and Horacio Llorens. These team pilots, world leaders in acrobatic flying are really able to put Gradient gliders through the most server tests, so that you can benefit from our knowledge that the glider's behaviour is checked well beyond the level of the baseline standards set by EN.

here is what Theo has to say about the new Aspen 6.......



Being part of the R&D team I have had the chance to see the glider evolve into its final version, which, I can say it frankly, is amazing to fly. A lot of aspects have been corrected along the way, the whole team has a huge passion for flying and a strong desire to fly so it was always very important to spend as much time as possible in the air to try and improve this Aspen 6. Each improvement was tested through many flights to make sure that the best compromise was found. Each time an improvement was made we tested it several time to be sure it was the right thing to do. As pilots first we all wanted to fly the very best glider we possibly could. I was able to see the glider evolve into what I think is the best Aspen Gradient has ever produced. The handling has been improved during the development and now offers a great amount of pleasure to the pilots, Aspen 6 goes where you want it to be without any hesitation, it is a pure product of Gradient's DNA that I am so attached to. I also had the chance to put the Aspen 6 through all kind of troubles to make sure that we have a glider which is safe in all conditions and I was mind blown by the result. In many ways the safety of the Aspen 6 could be compared to that of an EN-B glider, during the whole testing process I kept being amazed by this glider's reactions to what I was putting it through and I think that pilots will feel really safe under it.

In conclusion I would say that I could not be happier that the first project I take part in with the Gradient R&D team is the Aspen 6 as it will be for sure a success that I will be proudly saying I took a part in."

Théo de Blic, GRADIENT R&D Team






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