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Gradient Bright 5
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Gradient Bright 5

Bright5 stands out for having the security appropriate for new pilots but the performance to make xc flying a realistic option.

Price: £2250.00

Product Details

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Bright5 – is the fifth generation of the best beginners choice and for more experienced pilots who are looking for fun and a glider that is easy to enjoy. Gradient believe every pilot of Bright5 will be very happy with this new glider in terms of its flight characteristics, exceptional safety and really nice handling. 

If you are occasional pilot, maximum safety is the most important factor for you. If you want a secure, easy flying wing with an incredible fun element, Bright5 is exactly for you. Also Bright5 has very good performance in its class and is well capable of cross country flying.

If you are a beginner or if you are operating a paragliding school and you want to provide the best services for newcomers, you will definitely not be disappointed in the Bright5, it is the best school glider Gradient ever built!

Bright5 is offered also as multipurpose freeflying / paramotor paraglider. For this use, Gradient offers special multipurpose risers equipped with trimmers and different attachment points.


The Bright5 is a basic/intermediate paraglider (homologation EN/LTF-A).

Take-off characteristics are very simple. It comes up without using any force – you can even launch it simply by moving your body, without holding the risers. While coming up the glider will straighten itself automatically. Once up, it doesn’t overshoot, so there is plenty of time to get full pre-flight control. The length of the brakes can absorb small errors in pilot control, but there is still a defined brake pressure in any position. Together with the wing’s stability in flight this makes taking off easy and fun. In flight, the wing reacts immediately to weight shift, meaning you can use small thermals and dynamic wind in a very effective way. A clear and defined stall point on the brakes means the risk of over-braking or flying too slowly is minimised.


The profile of the Bright5  has been specially developed to deliver maximum stability over as wide a speed range as possible. The design and camber of the central curve of the glider give maximum resistance to collapse of the leading edge. The position and size of the cell openings help support this objective.

The leading edge is reinforced using integrated nylon and plastic. This ensures optimal inflation of the canopy and helps to retain the leading edge’s perfectly clean shape at maximum speed.

The well-proven three-and-half-rows and three-riser line concept with progressively differing diameters is used - a system Gradient has uses for years. The sail incorporates Everlast cloth, this Gradient exclusive material provides gliders with long-term stability and durability.


Elegant ideas, intelligent solutions and responsibility are Gradient themes and not only for Bright5.

for more information on colour and technical specifications please follow this link

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